Friday, February 11, 2011

Reagan Leanne - 8 months!

Oh Miss Reagan, how we love you so very much. You are now 8 months old and have had a lot of firsts lately.

1. you have 8 teeth

2. you can crawl on your own

3. you can sit up all by yourself

4. you started to pull yourself up on furniture
5. you bounce up and down when you hear music & you sing anytime anyone else is singing
6. your 1st word was "Mama", unlike your brothers who all said "Dada" 1st
7. you love all 3 of your brothers
8. you have the sweetest smile and cutest giggle ever
We all are so very blessed to have you in our family. Everyone just adores you especially your daddy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here is a fun picture that was taken over the holidays. 3 of the 4 Tracy boys with all of their girls. L to R = Nate & Carolina (she was born 2 weeks after Rea), Jason & Reagan, Dan & Olivia ( she was born almost 2 months before Rea). I can't wait for these girls to have a ton of fun together at family gatherings!

Sledding Time

We have a great place to sled on our property. Jason made a fun hill for the boys to go down. Grandpa & Grandma came out one day to join in on the fun. Tanner was the master of the hill. He was fearless on the tube which is very out of character for him.
Grandma and the boys climbing back up the hill.
Seth's face cracks me up!

I love this pic, tanner just chillin out!

New Years

I don't know why I am so horrible at blogging! I really am going to try and do better in 2011. This year we just stayed home and played with the kiddos on New Years. We played hide-and-seek-butt-whoop! This is the boys absolute favorite game to play. It is the same as hide-and-seek but when you are found the person looking for you gets to spank you. Don't ask!

Seth hiding in Sis' crib.
Reagan with our family friend Andrew. Sissy's 1st New Years kiss, not bad huh?

Justin looking so old.

Tanner excited while looking for everyone.
2010 was a great year and we are looking forward to all of the fun times that 2011 has to bring!

Real Food

So, Sissy Mushu loves food! I was trying to get the traditional 1st food experience caught on camera, you know, the one where they have a disgusted look on their face and they are spitting it out! Not this little girl! She loved the nasty stuff. By the way, this is about a month ago (just a little behind on the blogging :). I love her little grin!