Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here are my boys with some hotties!

Grandma Judd - cute carriage and pony! Kids loved it!

Seth with funny hair!

The cook and best mother-in-law in the world!

Tanner & Jason enjoying the reunion

Mom & Justin

So we had a very full weekend. We had the Judd family reunion here in Almo and almost the entire family was here. Bonnie did the cooking for all of the guests, there was a lot of visiting, kids playing, and everyone wanted to help Ted and Jason move cows. Saturday night we caught the tail end of Almo Days. There were two great bands and the boys had a blast dancing. I asked Seth if he would dance with Amy, (friend of the family she is 2 1/2) he told me no and said, "Mom I like the older ones". He better not like the older ones! Anyhow, they were all too cute! Here are some pics!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Here in Idaho we have been getting a ton of rain, which has been awesome. The only negative thing about the rain is that the boys have been getting twice as dirty due to the super huge mud puddles! Here is Justin in the mud, needless to say he has been getting at least two baths a day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer's Here!

I love summer! The smells, BBQ's, kids playing, swim lessons, cut grass, planting flowers, and otter pops. The boys are having such a fun time playing outside, not to mention that mom likes the break. They are able to entertain themselves and I don't have to hear how badly they want to go outside. Even though we have had a ton of rain (I'm not complaining) it is warm enough to go out and play once the storms pass. Everything is super green here and our crop is growing so well. The boys are doing well and all of them just had their yearly check-ups. All three of my boys are in the 95% for weight and height. For those of you who know my boys well, that is not a surprise, except for Seth. We just thought that he was average but he is big for his age too. This is very exciting for Jason as he was always small as a kid and he hated it. Don't you just love the cute pic of my boys?!

Monday, June 1, 2009


It is the start of June and I can feel summer all around. I guess you can say that I became a "soccer mom" this year. New to Almo is a children's soccer league and Tanner & Seth have been playing in it. For those of you who know my boys well, you know that Seth is quite athletic and Tanner is not so much. Watching Tanner play soccer is sometimes painful, yet funny. He is the kid on the team who would rather sit in the middle of the field while the others run around. He is only in it for the drinks and sancks at the end. Then there is Seth, who thinks he is pretty cool and he runs everywhere and he scores "like 29 goals". He tells us this after every game and it is pretty funny. I am so glad that we were able to have enough kids to play soccer this year, especially in such a small community. We ended up having 60 kids. (That is a lot where we live!) Only two more weeks and we are done with soccer and we move on to swimming lessons! Maybe next year we will start T-ball. Who knows, it could happen! Here are the boys with their soccer shirts on! The one of Justin is just a recent pic of him for my Mom! Love you Mom!