Thursday, July 15, 2010


We absolutely LOVE the 4th!!!!!
In my family growing up it was such a big and fun holiday and I am glad that I moved to a town where it is just as big of a deal. There are so many activities including the infamous parade where all of the kids decorate their bikes and ride them, the very patriotic program, a huge BBQ, foot races and games, and then the fireworks. This little town of Almo has a tradition of doing this on the 4th and great grandma & grandpa tell many stories about the races and festivities when they were kids. What a fun tradition!!!!
Justin Riding his Big Wheels in the parade. He can't reach the pedals so he walked the entire 1.5 -2 miles. I asked him if he wanted to stop and he just kept telling me "No, my bike"! Justin also took time out to stop and pose for pictures. He is posing for someone on the side of the road. What a cutie! He also received an award for the person who put in the most effort to get to the finish line.
Here is me trying to persuade him to sit with me or ride with his dad in the jeep. (Yes, that is Jason's jeep right behind Justin)

Tanner riding his Big Wheel in the parade!
While the boys were racing this is what Justin was doing. He LOVES the older women!
Tanner with his girlfriend Amy doing the egg toss.
They bowled with the egg instead of tossing it.
Seth and his cousin Jake doing the egg toss. I swear their egg was hard boiled. They were chucking it by the end and almost hitting people in the heads and yet it wouldn't break.
Tanner getting ready for the foot races.
Seth getting ready for the races.
Our sweet lil' firecracker!
Tracy boys
Dads baby with the bikes in the back.

Here are the boys after they decked out their bikes for the parade.
Seth informed his grandma (Jason's mom) that their bikes were "pimpin".

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Here are some more pics of our little Reagan!
Oh how we love & adore her!
Sportin' the growing double chin!
Cutie pie!
She loves the milk ... Can you tell?

Rea & mom in her new moby wrap. We both love it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I have always loved having brothers and Reagan is lucky enough to have 3 amazing big brothers! She might get tired of it when she hits High School but for now she loves it! All 3 of the boys absolutely love Rea and can't get enough of her. I have to be on guard constantly especially when Justin is around.

* My dad has always said that my boys have big heads. I never thought they were that big until I seen this pic. of Rea and Justin!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Since we live really far from town we do not have organized sports such as little league baseball and soccer. So, us mother have to take it upon ourselves in these small communities to put together fun things for our children. Last year me and a friend of mine organized a soccer league and now this year that same friend took it upon herself to put together a t-ball league. She is amazing! There ended up being something like 130 kids who signed up. If you know where I live you know that this is a huge turn out! We had such a fun time watching these little guys play their hearts out! A huge thanks to our friend Denise!
Seth's team showing off their muscles!
These little ones were such great players and I think they actually won all of their games!

Seth and his cousin Jake.
Seth getting ready to hit. He is one of the only lefties in the league. It is a huge advantage to him since they are never ready for him to hit it to them.