Monday, October 26, 2009


The Simon's
Oh how we love the Simon family! Jason and I were able to take a fun five day trip to Seattle to see our good friends and see the Seattle area. We loved it! It was just what we needed, a fun get away for the two of us. We were so glad that our friends Nick and Jen were able to go and have fun with us. Thanks again for letting us stay with you guys, you two are the best!

Snoqualmie Falls - Beautiful falls about 5 minutes from our friends house.
Bellvue Temple

If any of you know Jason you know that he absolutely LOVES crab legs. We went to a resturant down on the pier and had crab. We loved it. They brought you a pot of crab legs and dumped it on your table and you go to town. YUMMY!

Jason and I toured the old square in downtown. We also were able to go on an underground tour of "old" Seattle. They had 14 blocks of the basements and 1st floors covered with dirt. In one of the pictures you can see where one of the windows use to be looking at street level, now all you see is dirt. The pic with the counter is that of an old bank. Really interesting history in Seattle!

Leavenworth Washington was definitely worth the two hour drive East. It is a fun little Bulgarian Village in a little ski town. They had a ton of different little shops that were fun to go in. They had a had store there with every single hat you could think of. Jason and I had a fun time in that store!

While in Seattle we were able to go to a Mariners baseball game. Nick got the tickets and he did a great job, we had great seats. The Mariners played the Yankee's (boo) and Ichiro hit a homer in the last inning to win the game. It was so much fun, we had a blast!

We took a ferry to an island off of the Seattle shoreline. It was a beautiful ride and an awesome view of Seattle. THe little town was cute and had a fun little game store.

We had a ton of fun here. Nick and Jason found a little stand where a Filipino lady was cooking and they were able to eat all of the different foods that they ate while serving their missions in the Phillipines. Jen and I tasted the food which was good! Jason is hanging out with a group of "pink ladies". I think secretly he loved it!