Friday, December 31, 2010


Seth checking Santa out. He asked for a skateboard and snowboard but got a crossbow instead.
I didn't think that Justin really knew what was going on but when Santa asked him what he wanted he said "guns". Good thing Santa got him a Nerf gun for Christmas.
Unfortunately Tanner was unable to see Santa. Santa comes right after the school play and he wasn't feeling well so he was asleep at Grandma's house. Jason did ask Santa to please bring Tanner a cap gun, he has been waiting all year, and luckily Tanner got one.

Seth's Play

Seth attends a very small school in our little town. Every year they put on a school play and the whole community comes. This year he was an Elf and did an awesome job. He remembered all of his lines except one and his friend helped him when he forgot.

Seth and Annelei - the only two 1st graders at his school. She loves Seth but he says they are just friends.