Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Jason tubing with the older boys! They loved it. Seth was nervous to even go but loved it and Tanner was excited to go but after the high speeds and going outside the wake, he was done.

So much fun!

Mom and the 2 little ones. We had fun watching.

Sissy loved the boat and kept saying, "Go, Go, Go!"

Justin was our flag boy.....sometimes.

The boys having a great time.


SethSissy and Megan!

I know, summer has almost come to an end and I have not blogged really at all this summer. We have been super busy like everyone else! Hay season is still going on and keeping us extremely

busy but we found time to go boating last Saturday with all the youth at our Church. A nice family we know offered their beautiful home for us to come to and boat right in their backyard. it was perfect, we jump on the tramp, jumped off the docks, played football, and played in the water on their personal beach. Sissy is our little fish and she couldn't get enough of the water.

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